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Fozzels version 3.5 header image

Fozzels version 3.5

We have released a new version of Fozzels for you last week: version 3.5. 🚀 We’ll highlight some changes and improvements here. Again a big thank you to our dedicated user…

Haeder image of the Fozzels 3.2 release

Fozzels new version 3.2 released

We have released new versions of Fozzels for you this and last week: version 3.1, and now version 3.2. 🚀 We’ll highlight the changes and improvements for both versions here. Again a…

NextChapter and Fozzels AI header image

NextChapter integrates with Fozzels AI

NextChapter’s PIM solution has been extended with Fozzels’ AI integration, taking NextChapter a step further in article data enrichment. NextChapter’s customers will save a lot of time using AI and…

Fozzels version 3.0.1 header image

Fozzels version 3.0.1 is now live

We have released the new version of Fozzels for you this week: version 3.0.1. A big thank you to our dedicated user community. Your feedback and suggestions have been very…

Fozzels version 2.13 now live

Fozzels version 2.13 released today

Hi, we have released version 2.13 of for you today, with some nice improvements. Here’s the changelog: Load & save prompt templates feature You can expect more and more new featues…

Fozzels version 2.12 now live

Fozzels release 2.12 is live

Dear Fozzels users, We are excited to present the latest update version 2.12.0, focused on refining your experience, addressing reported issues, and introducing enhancements that elevate the overall performance. Your feedback…

Fozzels version 2.11 now live

New: Fozzels Release 2.11

Hello Fozzels users! We have released the next version of With many improvements and features. Here’s a selection of what’s new or changed: Highlights: Thank You: A massive thank you…

ChatGPT outage at OPenAI

OpenAI is experiencing some outages

OpenAI reports having some outages since 8th of November, 19:49. The services affected are: ChatGPT and the ChatGPT API (GPT-3 and GPT-4). This means that you could experience some delays at…

Fozzels version 2.9.0 now live

Fozzels release 2.9.0

We are happy to introduce version 2.9.0 of, with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new: New Features: Enhancements: We’re committed to providing you with the best…

Fozzels version 2.8.1 now live

Fozzels release 2.8.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Fozzels version 2.8.1, a bug fixing update aimed at enhancing the stability and reliability of our SaaS. In this release, we have…

Maretti Lighting screenshot enables AI with Fozzels

We are proud to announce that, leading manufacturer of luxury lighting, has strengthened its Magento website with the power of! Our software integrates seamlessly with Magento and ChatGPT 4…

Fozzels version 2.8.0 now live

Fozzels version 2.8.0 released

We released our latest update on today; version 2.8.0.This release brings a host of bug fixes, improvements, and new features designed to enhance your experience and productivity. Here’s a…

Fozzels version 2.6.0 now live

Fozzels version 2.6.0 released

We are thrilled to introduce the latest update to our platform – Version 2.6.0. This release brings a host of bug fixes, improvements, and new features designed to enhance your…

Fozzels screenshot documentation and support

New Fozzels Documentation

We have set up a new documentation system for you! We will add more and more manuals, how-to’s and FAQ’s about using Fozzels over time. You can find it here:

Header image - GPT-4

GPT-4 is here

OpenAI took over the internet yesterday with the announcement of GPT-4. And it makes sense for people to take note as it brings some significant upgrades over GPT-3. This next-gen large…

Header image - Chatgpt OpenAI

ChatGPT pricing (OpenAI)

The system gets its data from the GPT-3 and GPT-4 systems at OpenAI. This is done through their API (application programming interface). As a customer of Fozzels, you will…