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Fozzels version 3.5

We have released a new version of Fozzels for you last week: version 3.5. 🚀 
We’ll highlight some changes and improvements here.

Again a big thank you to our dedicated user community. Your feedback and suggestions have been very valuable. We will be developing more and more new features and improvements to Fozzels in the weeks and months ahead. Should you have any comments, remarks or questions, please reach out to

Here is what is new or changed:

New features

Bundle products in Magento

Support for "bundle" products in Magento

We have added functionality that Fozzels can now handle bundled products in Magento as well, next to "configurable products" and "simple products". This means you you will be able to generate content for the "parent" of the simple products as well.
Screenshot of Fozzels integration syncing

Streamlined and more efficient AI generation

The operation and performance of the AI content generation list are now more streamlined and efficient.

Switched our e-mail sending provider

We switched to Mailtrap, an SMTP provider for delivering our system e-mails. These should now be more reliable (so they will land in your inbox). So our email delivery has been significantly improved.

Prepared for new AI providers

In addition to GPT-4o ("omni"), which we will be adding to Fozzels in the coming weeks, we have also started creating a new user interface that makes it possible to add more AI's (large language models), from other suppliers that OpenAI as well. The following will be added in the future: Google Gemini (when available in the EU); Anthropic Claude 3.
Fozzels dashboard table with completion errors

Overview of errors

We added a column on your Fozzels Dashboard, where you can see if any errors occured while generating AI content on any given day. This way you have an overview of how things are running. We'll expand on this in the next releases, where you will be able to click on the amounts, and see in one easy overview what went wrong in the connection to the AI provider.

Smoother & faster

Internally improved the way our AI text generation "batches" are run. This is now done more smoothly, using tags and Laravel Horizon. Much code has been refactored; the queue now processes only primary keys, resulting in increased speed. This also opens the opportunity for us to serve even more customers.

Improvements and bug fixes

We squashed some bugs with this release as well, and did some improvements.

  • Fixed an issue with the loading of some screens; sometimes an error instead of a spinner was shown.
  • Fixed some bugs that showed up in our logs regarding the opening of some pages on our marketing site

Thank you for your interest, and happy Fozzeling!

The team.

Fozzels version 3.5 header image
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