The AI product content creator for Magento, Shopware and Shopify

Create content with the most powerful AI-powered content creation platform.

Fozzels integrates with your web store to provide an AI content creator powered by ChatGPT.

Save money on content writing costs

Product descriptions are written automatically by Fozzels; each unique -- using your tone of voice.

Rank higher in Google and marketplaces

Make the content on your store better. Get higher rankings in search engines -- including on marketplaces like Amazon and Zalando.

Improve the search functionality of your store

Well written descriptions makes it easier for your customers to find products using the search functionality of your store.

Go international - with multi-language storeviews

Using our OpenAI interface for generating product texts, you can also automatically have correct content written in many other languages.


Supercharge your online store's rankings in Google and marketplaces

Save on content writing

Content (starting with product descriptions) is written automatically and fast by AI.

Improve your rankings

Get listed higher in Google by having well-written content on your store's pages.

Improve search on your site

Improve conversions by making it easier for your customers to find the right product.

Easily sell in other countries

Fozzels can automatically generate content and save it in your store in multiple languages.

Increase trust

Creating accurate product descriptions takes the element of surprise out of an online purchase. It also lets people know that they can trust your brand.

Reduce the Cost of PPC Ads

Better, relevant product descriptions means higer relevancy scores. This can lower your costs per click in Adwords or Bing Ads.

With Fozzels, writing content is a thing of the past.

The AI-powered platform can generate a range of content, for example SEO content, product descriptions,or product instructions.

With Fozzels, you can automate the task of creating high-quality content for your store, saving you time and effort. Take your content strategy to the next level with Fozzels.


To use Fozzels, follow these simple steps:

Connect Fozzels to your web store.

Use the Fozzels software to specify the type and characteristics of the content you need.

Fozzels will do the rest, generating fully automated content and saving it directly to your product, category, or blog pages.

Or create on the fly blog posts, newsletters or any other content you are looking for.


Please contact us while we are still in beta. We will set up your account as soon as possible, and provide you with instructions on how to start connecting your online store to Fozzels. Please be patient with us, we are handling new requests as fast as we can. Drop us a line, and we will be in contact asap.

299 per month

> All your product content automated with ChatGPT

  • Connection to Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopware AI powered Product short descriptions AI powered Product Long descriptions Automatically saved to your store


499 per month

> Improved ChatGPT output and SEO product content

  • All the features from Fozzels Light + AI powered Product Meta Text & Keywords + AI powered content for categories + Improved output with flexible key words
699 per month

Including automatic generation of blog posts

  • All the features from Fozzels Plus + Blog posts generation

* Prices are for subscription; excluding OpenAI pricing for API access.

Fozzels Max

Our roadmap is filled with great add ons to help you improve your content from your webshop. On top off we will intgrate with marketing campaign tools as well. Subscribe to our newsletter so you will be the first to know our great new features!

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