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New: Fozzels Release 2.11

Hello Fozzels users!

We have released the next version of With many improvements and features. Here’s a selection of what’s new or changed:


  1. We have made it easier to select your Fozzels subscription. We have partnered with Stripe, one of the largest payment providers in the world, to handle Fozzels subscriptions and payments. This gives you more flexibility, and gives you the possibility to pay using iDeal, Paypal, credit cards, SEPA-incasso, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  2. We have made it easier to see our available subscriptions, and switch (upgrade or downgrade).
  3. You can now see the images (product photos) of the products which were updated in the “batch list”. This way you can more easily see which products were changed, and decide if the text should be changed. Thank you for this suggestion, XanWoman!
  4. You can now sign up, or log in, using your Google account. This takes only one click, and makes it easy for new customers to sign up, and existing customers to log in.
  5. New: gpt-4-vision. Using this new interface, it is now possible to not only create very good product texts based on a text prompt – but now also using the product image! This way you can let ChatGPT “see” your products, and describe them automatically. This gives many new use cases and opportunities. Try it out for yourself! We will give you more details in a separate email and blog post soon.
  6. Flows that you created and you are not using anymore, can be archived, or even permanently deleted. This clears the Flows list up for you, and let’s you focus on the current active ones.
  7. Several bug fixes.

Thank You: A massive thank you to our dedicated user community. Your feedback, suggestions, and support have been very valuable. We will be developing many more new features and improvements to Fozzels in the weeks and months ahead.

Should you have any comments, remarks or questions, please reach out to

The Fozzels team

Fozzels version 2.11 now live
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