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Fozzels new version 3.2 released

We have released new versions of Fozzels for you this and last week: version 3.1, and now version 3.2. 🚀 We’ll highlight the changes and improvements for both versions here.

Again a big thank you to our dedicated user community. Your feedback and suggestions have been very valuable. We will be developing more and more new features and improvements to Fozzels in the weeks and months ahead. Should you have any comments, remarks or questions, please reach out to

Here is what is new or changed:

New features

Screenshot of attributes in Magento

Re-run changed products

We have added functionality that Fozzels can now "see" which products have been changed in your online store -- and then automatically re-writes the content for those products. This is especially handy when you change attributes (product properties). If, for example, you change data fields, like "color", "sleeve length", "fabric pattern" etc., Fozzels will now automatically re-write the product descriptions, while taking those changed attributes into consideration.
Screenshot of Fozzels integration syncing

"Offline Catalog"​

This was a big change for us of the internal workings, that you should not be able to notice 😀 We have changed the way Fozzels synchronizes products. Before, Fozzels would fetch data from your online store; run the content generation via OpenAI, and then directly "push" the content back to your store. Now, we have created a local database where the Fozzels system first stores your product content data. This gives us more flexibility and provides us with the chance of building new functionality for you that was not possible before. Think of monitoring your products for changes, moving product data from one storeview to another, and more. We will keep you updated about the things we are building for you.

Show the used attribute fields in the batch list

We added the used attributes on the batch list panel, so that you can now see the values of the attributes (variables) that were used in generating the prompt, and see if they contained values (data).

Process newest products first

We have improved the order in which your products are processed with Fozzels. Now, after creating a Flow with a product selection, your newest products are processed first, then the older products. This was a request of more than one of our customers. This means that the most recently added products will now always have good generated product content. Many times, newest products will show up on online stores on the top of the category pages, or on "new" pages. This change makes sure that those important products will automatically have AI generated product descriptions first.
Screenshot of Fozzels live chat box

Live chat

We added a new "live chat" system. Should you have any questions coming up when using Fozzels, it is now easier and faster for you to ask and solve any issue you might have.
Screenshot of Fozzels selection field with date picker

Selection of products after a certain date

It is now possible to select to process only products that have been created on your online store, before or after a certain date. This makes it possible to narrow down the selection of products that you want to have content created for.

Systems security

We improved our security by adding an extra "web application firewall", which we monitor daily. When some new vulnerability should be found (a "CVE"), it will be automatically mitigated. This makes it much less likely that our systems get compromized -- so your data is safe.

Easier integration page design

We redesigned the Integrations page. It has been redesigned for a more modern and intuitive look, making it easier to set up a new connection to your online stores. Connecting your online store is now a simple three-step process.
Fozzels integration screen with new archive button

Archive redundant items

Customers who use Fozzels with many integrations reported that the overview became a bit cluttered. We have now made it possible for you to "archive" non-used websites, stores, and integrations, so that the list of active ones is clearer. This was previously possible with Flows only; now with integrations, websites and stores as well.

Improvements and bug fixes

We squashed some bugs with this release as well, and did some improvements.

  • Fixed an issue with the “Try it yourself” form; this now executes in the background.
  • We fixed an issue with the Stripe payments not redirecting back correctly
  • We made some “Toast Message” texts clearer, so our users can read clearer system notifications.
  • We moved the checkbox for “add extra line breaks” to below the prompt-field, for better visibility and accessibility.
  • We improved how the buttons look on the Safari browser.
  • In the batch list, the prompts generated for your products were not completely shown. We have increased the size of the field so you can now see these completely.
  • We improved the display of the progress bars on the integration.

Thank you for your interest, and happy Fozzeling!

The team.

Haeder image of the Fozzels 3.2 release
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