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Fozzels version 3.0.1 is now live

We have released the new version of Fozzels for you this week: version 3.0.1.

A big thank you to our dedicated user community. Your feedback and suggestions have been very valuable. We will be developing many more new features and improvements to Fozzels in the weeks and months ahead.

Should you have any comments, remarks or questions, please reach out to

Here is what is new or changed:

New features

New integration: Nextchapter

Nextchapter Ecommerce logo

We are happy to announce that we have released a new integration with our partner Nextchapter.
Nextchapter is an excellent e-commerce suite for brands, retailers and wholesalers. This includes online stores, a CMS, PIM, and OMS. 

From today, all Nextchapter customers who use their PIM and web shop, can now easily connect Fozzels to automatically generate unique product content using AI.

We will hopefully be welcoming many Nextchapter users in the coming weeks!


With this major release, we have migrated our systems to a new, faster server. 🚀 This way we are able to offer our software to more customers, and you should notice an improvement of speed when using Fozzels.

⚠️ Due to the server change, we now use a new IP-address. That is: To all customers who might use a firewall: please allow this new IP on your online store, so that Fozzels can keep connecting.

Also, please note that we have moved the web app to a new location: To login you should now use this URL:

With this new release we also have created a new database setup within Fozzels, that will allow us to create more exciting possibilities for you in the future. We’ll announce this as soon as they are ready.

Improvements and bug fixes

We squashed some bugs with this release as well, and did some improvements.

  • Improved the Shopify integration, which is now faster.
  • Improved the creation of all product’s Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions in Shopify.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the “forgot password” screen.
  • We fixed a big with the Batch List pagination.


Lastly, we have launched a new marketing site, on which new visitors have a better overview of the benefits of Fozzels. The site is available in dutch and german too, so that people from NL and DE can more easily read about the benefits of Fozzels.


We’ll be adding stuff to the marketing site soon, like explainer videos and screencasts. Please let us know what you would like to see there.

Screenshot of the homepage of

Thank you for your interest!

The team.

Fozzels version 3.0.1 header image
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