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Anthropic releases Claude 3 language model, said to outperform GPT-4 and Gemini

Anthropic has released Claude 3. The third generation of its AI model consists of three versions: “Haiku”, “Sonnet” and “Opus”. Claude 3 can summarize texts of up to 150,000 words and is said to outperform competing language models.

AI start-up Anthropic says Claude 3’s Opus model outperformed GPT-4 and Gemini 1.0 Ultra from competitors OpenAI and Google in tests in areas including college-level reasoning, programming and mathematics. Opus is the most advanced and most expensive model. Haiku is the smallest version, which is the “fastest and most cost-effective. The model should be able to read a compact research report with diagrams and graphs” in less than three seconds.

At, the automatic content generation platform for online stores, we will be adding more large language models (LLM’s) to our service, in addition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT — so that our customers will be able to choose which AI service provider to use for automatic batch content generation. Follow us on Linkedin for updates.

This is the first time Claude offers multimodal support. Claude 3 can handle both text input and images and should be able to summarize texts of up to 150,000 words. That’s twice as many as its predecessor. According to Anthropic, the third generation of its language model can also “understand” more context, process longer instructions and be more accurate than Claude 2.1. Sonnet, the middle model, is reportedly twice as fast as the previous generation and, according to Anthropic, excels at “tasks that require quick responses.

Anthropic’s Claude 3 models were trained on both publicly available information as of August 2023 and non-public third-party data, according to a paper. Hardware from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud was used to train the language models. Both Amazon and Google have invested in the startup.

Opus and Sonnet are available starting today; the release of Haiku will follow “soon”. Anthropic charges $15 for every million tokens processed by Claude 3 Opus. By comparison, OpenAI charges $10 for every million tokens processed by GPT-4 Turbo. For Sonnet and Haiku, it is $3 and $0.25 for 1 million tokens, respectively. A limited free version of Claude is also available, although Anthropic’s language models are currently not officially available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Claude 3 comparison chart
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