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Fozzels Tip for better content: enable AI “vision”

When you use Fozzels to automatically generate content for your webshop, it is written based on all the “attributes” (characteristics) of the products that you “give” to the AI in the prompt.

Did you know that you can also generate content by having the AI “look” at the image? This way you often get even better and more relevant texts, even when there are no or insufficient attributes of a product available in your data.

ChatGPT can “see” your products and read characteristics.

💡 Tip: also activate GPT-4-Vision in your Fozzels account.

Below are the three simple steps to do so, and an example of a text written based on the image.

Using the ChatGPT "vision api" in Fozzels

1. Choosing the right "model" in your Flow

Open one of your Flows, and from the drop-down menu choose: “GPT-4 Vision Preview.”

Screenshot of the Fozzels user inteface select the OpenAI model
Screenshot of the Fozzels user inteface amount of tokens box

2. Increase the number in the "Max tokens" box.

You can increase the “Max tokens” box slightly because OpenAI also charges “tokens” per processed image. Per image, OpenAI charges about 1,000 tokens.

Set the Max tokens box to about 1,500 to 2,000. The cost per processing per image is about $0.0076 or $0.0073 (three-quarters of a cent). This depends on the size of the images in your shop.

3. Add the image to your prompt

ChatGPT must, of course, use the correct image with each product. To do that, we make a small adjustment to your prompt; we add a piece of text:

For the text to be created, also use the features of the product from the product image. Do not make up features that are not there and do not mention that you are getting information from the product image. Product image: {{product_absolute_image}}


The next time you run the Flow, the image is now automatically included when creating the text.


We had ChatGPT write a text based only on this image, with the prompt: “Write a product description in Dutch to sell the following product. Brand: Studio Anneloes Title: Bobby Bloom Blouse – Dark Blue/Dusty Pink“.

Example of a Studio Anneloes blouse


Discover the charm of the Bobby Bloom Blouse from Studio Anneloes, perfect for any woman striving for an elegant yet practical wardrobe. Executed in a sophisticated dark blue with dusty pink accents, this blouse will add a unique flair to your everyday outfits. The subtle floral pattern adds a romantic and feminine touch that will not go unnoticed. The smartly designed fit provides a comfortable wearing experience without compromising on style. This blouse offers ample freedom of movement while still fitting nicely to the body. This makes it a versatile choice for both work-related activities and relaxing occasions with friends or family. The Bobby Bloom Blouse is characterized not only by its aesthetic features but also by its ease of use. The fabric is easy to care for and retains its shape and color even after multiple washings. With this blouse from Studio Anneloes you will make a statement of sophistication and style. It is an essential piece that should not be missing from the modern woman's closet. Pair it with tight pants and heels for a formal look or wear it on jeans for a casual look. Wherever you go, the Bobby Bloom Blouse is sure to impress.

The resulting text becomes stunningly precise. The design was also quoted in the text. Of course, the length and text style depends on what you fill in your prompt.

We hope you find this tip interesting and also enable “vision” to generate even better content.

If you have any questions or need help with this, please do! We will schedule a meeting to help you. Please email

Enable GPT-4-Vision
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