Generate content for your online store automatically.

Our AI-powered platform can auto-generate a range of quality content, including SEO content, product descriptions, blog posts, category texts or instructions, using ChatGPT (GPT-4). 

Save Hours of Writing Time Each Day. Generate your first 5 product descriptions for free and see the time you’ll save versus writing them yourself.

Automated content generation

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Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect your e-commerce platform to ChatGPT for smarter interactions. Fozzels works perfectly with Shopify, Magento, and more, bringing your store to the power of AI.


Personalized Custom Content

Create unique product descriptions and content that resonate with your brand. With Fozzels you can easily select product groups and adjust the tone of voice for a personal touch.


Efficiency and SEO Benefit

Save time and improve your SEO with consistent, optimized product data. Fossils ensures uniformity in your content, which is essential for online findability.”


Enrich your Product data

Get more out of your product photos with advanced data enrichment. Fozzels analyzes images and adds important characteristics to your database, from sleeve lengths to designs.


Flexible Product Descriptions

Adjust your product texts for every season or theme. Whether it’s for Christmas or summer, Fozzels helps you with dynamic descriptions that match current events.


Improved Search functionality

Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. Thanks to Fozzels’ enriched data, users can filter and search your webshop more effectively.


Save costs and time

Save valuable time and reduce expenses with Fozzels automation. Use ChatGPT to streamline your e-commerce operations.

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How it works

       :rocket:Welcome to the future of content creation! All you need is to have less than 5 minutes! Create a flow, write a prompt (or choose one from Fozzels templates) and click the “Save and Preview” button. An example of the generated description is instantly displayed on your screen after clicking the “Generate Now” button in the Preview pop-up.
Want to synchronize generated data with your Magento project? Not a problem. On the “Automation” tab, all you need is to select the number of products and click the “Run now” button, then go to the batch list and synchronize the generated content. Voila. Less than 5 minutes and all your products have a creative and detailed description depending on your request. :rainbow::sparkles:

Supercharge your online store's rankings in Google and marketplaces.

Create content automatically with the most powerful AI-powered content creation platform. 

Get started today! We’ll help you set up our software during a free 1-hour onboarding & setup call, so you get up and running fast.

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You can create an account for free and start. When you are satisfied, you can subscribe to one of our plans.

Fozzels Light product box

Fozzels Light

299 per month
  • Connection to Magento; Shopify or Shopware
  • AI-powered Product long & short descriptions
  • Content automatically saved to your store
  • Max. 1 integration
  • Max. 3 stores
  • Max. 5 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 300
Fozzels Plus product box

Fozzels Plus

499 per month
  • All of Fozzels Light, and:
  • AI-powered Product Meta Text & Keywords
  • AI-powered content for categories
  • Improved output with flexible keywords
  • Max. 3 integrations
  • Max. 6 stores
  • Max. 15 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 750
Fozzels Premium product box

Fozzels Premium

699 per month
  • All of Fozzels Plus, and:
  • Blog posts generation
  • Facebook posts generation
  • Max. 6 integrations
  • Max. 18 stores
  • Max. 60 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 1.500
Fozzels Unlimited product box

Fozzels Unlimited

999 per month
  • All of Fozzels Premium, and:
  • No limits
  • Premium support
  • 4 hours personal prompt-writing course
Best value
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited Flows
  • Unlimited monthly generated content

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What is Fozzels

The worlds best AI-powered platform that uses AI to automatically generate a range of content or SEO data, like unique product descriptions, category texts and blog posts.

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