Improve the search on your site using OpenAI with Shopify.

Let your shoppers find your products more easily with your Shopify search – and sell more. Enhance Your Site’s Search Experience with better product descriptions on Shopify using Fozzels and OpenAI.

Improve your web store search

Your web store visitors can't find your products using your Shopify search?

Many times, visitors to your online store use the Shopify search functionality (be it the built-in catalog search, or another search module like elasticsearch). 
Of course, you can imagine, if shoppers can’t find the product they want on your store — you won’t sell it. 

Take a look at some data:

  • 43% of online store visitors use the search function right from the start (Forrester, Must-Have E-Commerce Features, 2022).
  • Users using store search are 2.4 times more likely to place an order. And, people who use the search on online stores spend 2.6 times more than those who don’t (Salesforce, 2019).
  • Big names in online retail report a substantial rise in their conversion rates when consumers search on-site. Walmart’s CR goes to 2.9%, which is 2.4 times more than for sessions without the search. Amazon noticed a striking 6x soar, from 2% to 12% (Algolia, 2021).
  • A poor search experience scares away potential customers. Up to 80% of shoppers leave eCommerce websites because of irrelevant search results and insufficient product information (Spiceworks, 2023).

You see: it is very important that the correct products show up after a search. An online store with a large number of items needs to provide their customers with search tools to help them find products easily.

What Influences the search results?

Search results on a Shopify store are generated by taking data from the database, stored in “attributes”. For example: 

  • product name, 
  • short description, 
  • long description, 
  • color, 
  • weight
  • SKU

Especially both product description fields are important. Many times, there is no (correct) information stored in the product “description” field. Either because this text is not available from the product distributor; it is not imported from the ERP system being used; or is not written by a copywriter. 

Fozzels can solve this problem by automatically generating long, unique product description data for all of your products. This way, the correct search words are included in your product data, and when a shopper does a search on your site, the product will show up — and the chances of you selling it, go way up.

Fozzels does this by using the OpenAI’s ChatGPT system.

What is ChatGPT?

OpenAI’s latest breakthrough, ChatGPT, is breaking records. It can do tasks such as writing, proofreading, and solving problems. The applications of ChatGPT are across the commercial domain as well. Especially online businesses are leveraging its functionalities for various purposes. With Fozzels, you can automate the use of ChatGPT for your Shopify store.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an AI-based conversation platform that generates human-like query responses. It uses the GPT-4 language model. It is the strongest neural network in the world, with over 175 billion parameters. Thus, ChatGPT boasts powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities. OpenAI released it on November 30, 2022. The platform made a massive debut with over a million signups in less than a week of its release. ChatGPT soon became the talk of the town for its real-life applications.

What Is a SEO Product Description?

SEO product descriptions help ecommerce websites show up better in search engines like Google. They are used on websites that sell products online, like clothes or toys, and include special words and phrases that people might use when they’re searching for those things online.

Benefits of SEO-friendly product descriptions:

  • Improved search engine ranking
    You can rank higher for relevant keywords by including them in your product descriptions. It can help drive organic traffic to your website and make your products more visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Enhanced user experience
    Well-written, informative product descriptions can provide value to potential customers and improve their overall experience on your ecommerce site. Online trust and credibility can help increase conversions.
  • Increased sales
    A detailed, accurate, and engaging description of your products can persuade potential customers to buy. Good copywriting can also help you differentiate your products from the competition.

How to use Fozzels and OpenAI to improve the search on your Shopify site

Elevate your e-commerce game by optimizing your product descriptions on Shopify. At Fozzels, we understand the critical role that well-crafted product descriptions play in improving your site’s search functionality. When your customers are on the hunt for the perfect product, a meticulously written description can be the key to unlocking a seamless and rewarding shopping experience.

Imagine a scenario where your customers effortlessly locate the exact items they desire, thanks to clear and concise product descriptions. In the competitive world of online retail, the search functionality on your Shopify website becomes a powerful tool for boosting conversions. It’s not just about providing information; it’s about creating a connection between your customers and your products.

A thoughtfully written product description serves as a bridge between your customers’ search queries and the relevant items in your inventory. Shopify’s search algorithms thrive on accurate and detailed product information, ensuring that every search yields precise results. This not only enhances the user experience but also significantly increases the chances of converting a visitor into a satisfied customer.

Moreover, when your Shopify website is populated with compelling product descriptions, the entire shopping journey becomes more intuitive and enjoyable. Customers can navigate through your catalog effortlessly, confident that they’ll find products that align perfectly with their needs and preferences. This increased ease of navigation translates directly into improved conversion rates, as customers are more likely to explore, engage, and ultimately make a purchase.

In contrast, a lackluster or incomplete product description can leave your customers frustrated and discouraged. Without the necessary information, they may struggle to find the right products, leading to missed sales opportunities and a suboptimal shopping experience. Don’t let your potential customers slip away; invest in creating engaging product descriptions that speak directly to their needs and desires.

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With Fozzels’s assistance and OpenAI, you can transform your Shopify website into a customer-centric platform where the search function seamlessly connects shoppers with the products they seek. Elevate your online store, improve conversions, and set the stage for unparalleled customer satisfaction by enhancing your site’s search experience through compelling product descriptions. Let your products shine, and watch as your business thrives in the world of e-commerce.

How to use Fozzels to automatically batch-generate good product descriptions using OpenAI

After openening your account at you can create a so-called “integration” with your online store; for example your Shopify store. After this you connect to OpenAI (ChatGPT) as well. Fozzels acts as a “middleware” that gets information from your store and OpenAI, and updates (new) information and texts directly back to your store system. You can set Fozzels to operate “semi-automatic”, which means the content is generated automatically, but you still can make changes before you update your store with the new content. When you are completely satisfied with the generated texts you can even set Fozzels to “fully automatic”. In this case the generated texts are updated in your Shopify store automatically. You still receive an overview of the updated texts so that you can read through them afterwards.

Schematic view of Fozzels connections to Magento, Shopify and OpenAI.

After connection both systems, you can set up one or more “Flows”, which are processes to automatically (batch) update products with new information and texts, like Descriptions, Short Descriptions, Meta Titles or Meta Descriptions. When running a Flow, Fozzels gets the product information from your online store, uses OpenAI to create long, unique product descriptions, and updates the products in your online store automatically. Of course you can preview the created content first. When you are satisifed with the generated texts — so for example  the tone of voice is according to your business, the length is OK, and uses your preferred style, you can then start to run the Flow automatically daily.

You can set how many products will be processed daily. This way google will notice an incremental improvement of the content of your store -> this is a ranking factor for Google. Also, when you add new products to your store, good, well-written, relevant product descriptions will be added automatically!


You want well-written, long, descriptive, high quality content on your Shopify store. Why is this important?

  1. High Google rankings
  2. Getting lower costs per click on Google Ads (because your landing pages get a higher “relevancy score”)
  3. Improving the native search functionality on your Shopify store (people can find your products based on the content)
  4. Increasing trust with your shoppers.

You can use Fozzels and ChatGPT to automate the process of writing this content in batch. Fozzels uses the product information on your store, and even the product image (using the new gpt-4-vision model) to write really good complelling content for your online store. So please sign up to create your free account at Fozzels today and start having better, unique and relevant content on your online Shopify store!

Benefits of Fozzels - the AI product content creator for Shopify

Save on content writing costs

Content is written automatically and fast by AI, based on the product attributes (data) available. Product descriptions are written automatically with Fozzels; each unique -- using your tone of voice.

Improve your rankings in search engines

Get listed higher in Google by having well-written content on your store's pages. This increases the relevance or your site. Rank higher on marketplaces like Amazon, Bol, and Zalando.

Reduce the Cost of PPC Ads

Better, relevant product descriptions means better "relevancy scores" for your landing product pages. This can lower your costs per click (CPC) in Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads.

Improve the search on your site

Improve conversions by making it easier for your customers to find the right product. Well-written descriptions make it easier for your customers to find the right product using your search.

Easily sell in other countries

Fozzels can automatically generate content and save it in your store in multiple languages. Using our OpenAI interface, you can even have all products automatically translated.

Increase trust with your shoppers

Creating accurate product descriptions takes the element of surprise out of an online purchase. Show shoppers that they can trust your brand by having clear texts and product descriptions.
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Fozzels is trusted by leading companies

Fozzels can give you


Efficiency and Scale

AI can generate content at a rapid pace, allowing your company to produce a large volume of content quickly. This is particularly beneficial for industries like marketing, advertising, and content creation.


Cost Savings

Automated content generation can potentially reduce costs associated with hiring human writers and creators. AI can work 24/7 without the need for breaks or salaries.



AI algorithms can be trained to understand user preferences and create personalized content tailored to individual needs. This level of customization can enhance user engagement and satisfaction.



AI ensures a consistent tone, style, and quality of content, reducing the risk of human errors or deviations from brand guidelines.



AI algorithms may need continuous updates and adjustments to adapt to changing trends, user preferences, and industry standards.



Automating content creation processes can free up human resources to focus on more complex tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

How it works

       :rocket:Welcome to the future of content creation! All you need is to have less than 5 minutes! Create a flow, write a prompt (or choose one from Fozzels templates) and click the “Save and Preview” button. An example of the generated description is instantly displayed on your screen after clicking the “Generate Now” button in the Preview pop-up.
Want to synchronize generated data with your Shopify project? Not a problem. On the “Automation” tab, all you need is to select the number of products and click the “Run now” button, then go to the batch list and synchronize the generated content. Voila. Less than 5 minutes and all your products have a creative and detailed description depending on your request. :rainbow::sparkles:

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Fozzels Light

299 per month
  • Connection to Magento; Shopify or Shopware
  • AI-powered Product long & short descriptions
  • Content automatically saved to your store
  • Max. 1 integration
  • Max. 3 stores
  • Max. 5 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 300
Fozzels Plus product box

Fozzels Plus

499 per month
  • All of Fozzels Light, and:
  • AI-powered Product Meta Text & Keywords
  • AI-powered content for categories
  • Improved output with flexible keywords
  • Max. 3 integrations
  • Max. 6 stores
  • Max. 15 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 750
Fozzels Premium product box

Fozzels Premium

699 per month
  • All of Fozzels Plus, and:
  • Blog posts generation
  • Facebook posts generation
  • Max. 6 integrations
  • Max. 18 stores
  • Max. 60 Flows
  • Max. generated content monthly: 1.500
Fozzels Unlimited product box

Fozzels Unlimited

999 per month
  • All of Fozzels Premium, and:
  • No limits
  • Premium support
  • 4 hours personal prompt-writing course
Best value
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited stores
  • Unlimited Flows
  • Unlimited monthly generated content

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